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Worker's Compensation

If you are injured on your job, need medical care or treatment due to a work related incident, and will lose income if you are out of work, Kennesaw Workers' Compensation Lawyer John Sylvan may be able to help

The Georgia Workers' Compensation Act requires employers with three or more employees to have workers' compensation insurance, and their employees are entitled to benefits for on-the-job injury, occupational disease, or death. Workplace injuries can include lower back or spinal cord injuries, shoulder or back injuries, joint or knee injuries, hand injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, chemical exposure, occupational diseases, or even preexisting conditions that have made worse by job duties.

At the law offices of Sylvan and Sylvester, we protect the rights of injured workers in North Georgia and the North Atlanta area. Contact us (678-555-1212) today for a free half-hour consultation. We handle all workers' compensation claims on a contingency basis.

Social Security Disability

Providing a stable lifestyle for yourself and your family can be a challenging task when you are unable to work due to disability or long-term illness. Fortunately, the Social Security Disability (SSD) program provides financial assistance to individuals who are prevented from working by physical and mental disability or illness. When applying for Social Security Disability benefits or appealing a previously denied claim, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can be invaluable in helping you obtain the assistance you are entitled to under the program's guidelines.

At the office of Sylvan and Sylvester Law Firm, Social Security Disability specialist John Sylvan, will take great care to offer detailed Social Security Disability advice to clients throughout the Kennesaw, Georgia, area. With your best interest and the well-being of your family always in mind, we strive to help you get the benefits you need as quickly and painlessly as possible — allowing you to focus on your physical health rather than any financial issues.

If you need assistance completing an initial application or have been denied a claim for Social Security Disability benefits, we may be able to help you get the assistance you deserve. Contact our office online or call 770-555-1212 or toll free 800-555-1212 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific SSD concerns today.

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